Earth prints collection

The Earth collection of art prints by Jem Loves to Draw is inspired by lush forests and dense jungles. Featuring vibrant greens, earthy browns and flashes of bright yellow and orange.

Four limited edition art prints, inspired by the earth

This collection features three 8 inch square art prints of awesome animals found in jungles and forests across our planet – an Andean spectacled bear, a Javan green magpie and a Northern glass frog. These prints can be hung as a triptych or individually and look great perched alongside some houseplants for full jungle vibes.

The collection also includes a Forest Souvenirs print inspired by the things you might pick up or spot on forest walks. Like a memory box a jungle explorer might create with souvenirs from their adventures. This 8×10 inch print features branches, rocks, leaves, a seed pod, a toadstool and other snippets from nature.

Inspired by nature and hand-painted in Bristol

Read more about the story behind this collection – from finding inspiration in nature to the final pieces. Take a peek behind the scenes at my painting desk, see work in progress photos and find out more about the plants and animals in the pieces.

Raising funds to protect the environment

5% of sales from my Earth collection of prints will be donated to Rainforest Trust UK via Work for Good. Their mission is to protect threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife worldwide through partnerships in vulnerable areas, ensuring the long term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold.