Watercolour artwork

Original ink and watercolour illustrations, hand-painted in my home studio on the outskirts of east Bristol.

Hand-painted watercolour illustrations, inspired by nature

All Jem Loves to Draw designs start life as pencil sketches in my sketchbook. I then transfer them to carefully soaked and stretched watercolour paper, ready for painting. Layers of colour and tone are built up using inks and Japanese watercolour paints, with hand-drawn illustrative details added using pens and coloured pencils.

All of my artwork is inspired by my love of the natural world, featuring animals, landscapes, oceans, galaxies and constellations. And bears, lots of bears.

Earth collection

A collection of four print designs inspired by the Earth, with jungle animals and leafy greens

Fire collection

Warm reds, burnt oranges, earthy browns and awesome animals, inspired by desert landscapes

Water collection

Cool blue tones and ocean animals, inspired by a lifelong love of the sea

Air collection

A collection inspired by snow-capped mountains, Palearctic forests and wild alpine places

Awesome animals

More than 30 animals of all kinds and sizes, painted in my signature style