So much of my work is inspired by the natural world, so finding ways to minimise the environmental impact of Jem Loves to Draw is high up on my list of priorities.

Finding ways to protect our planet

I’m taking consistent steps to make my business as eco-friendly as possible and protect the things that inspire me the most.

Sustainable printing techniques

My art prints and cards are printed in my home studio using digital printing techniques, which is less wasteful than other forms of printing. Printing in this way allows me to print the stock I need, as and when I need it.

Any items I cannot print myself, such as mugs and calendars, are printed in the UK by Awesome Merchandise.

Recyclable and compostable packaging

To ensure that my art prints reach you in perfect condition, all of my art prints are packaged in biodegradable cello wraps. These clear wrappings are made of corn and potato starch, so they can be composted or disposed of with food waste.

The backing boards in my prints are made from 100% recycled card and can be recycled. They also mean that your prints will arrive flat and ready to frame.

Some of my older products are packaged in plastic cellos, because it is less wasteful to use up old stock rather than repackaging it.

Naked cards

Any greetings cards I sell online are sold without packaging as Naked Cards. For stockists where some protective packaging is needed, my greetings cards are packaged in biodegradable cellos.

Reusing packaging for online orders

Online orders from my Etsy shop are sent carefully packaged, using reused packaging materials from other deliveries wherever possible. I’ve got quite a collection of boxes, board envelopes and tissue paper squirreled away under my desk!

Any new packaging materials are recycled and recyclable. Including the tape used on my packaging, which is recycled paper tape or washi tape, both of which can be recycled with paper.

Local orders are delivered by hand and often on foot, minimising delivery miles. Reducing delivery miles is also one of the reasons I only offer UK delivery in my Etsy shop.

Donating to charities

As well as minimising my impact on the planet, it’s really important to me that I find a way to make a positive contribution. Donating to environmental charities is a big part of that. You can find out more about the charities I donate to via Work for Good.

If you have any questions about my environmental practice, or if you have any suggestions for ways I can make my business more eco-friendly, please get in touch.