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Last week I reached a small business milestone with my one hundredth sale on Etsy. I decided to mark this milestone with another – my first donation to charity as a business. Here’s a little more about the charities I chose to donate to and my future plans for giving back.

One hundred

100 sales is a comparatively small number for many Etsy sellers, but for me this is an achievement to be proud of. Partly because it’s taken a while for me to get the knack of selling online, but also because it means the world to me that people like my work enough to spend their money on it. I am super-humbled and super-grateful for every single sale. All 100 of them.

Recent events have got me thinking a lot about how privileged I am in so many ways and how I can be a better human. That extends to my business too. So to celebrate my 100th Etsy sale, I donated £100 and split my donation across two charities – The Woodland Trust and Babbasa.

Making a choice about which charities to donate to wasn’t easy. Partly because I’m incredibly indecisive by nature, but also because there are loads of organisations out there doing fantastic work for so many deserving causes. When I asked myself what I valued the most, I kept coming back to nature, wildlife, education and Bristol. That’s how I landed on my two chosen charities.

The Woodland Trust

Because so much of my work is inspired by animals and the natural world, it seems only right that I should support a nature or wildlife charity. I was drawn to The Woodland Trust because of the fantastic work they do to protect UK woodlands and wildlife.

It’s also my way of saying thank you to them for providing our household with endless hours of lockdown entertainment through their live stream of an osprey nest cam at Loch Arkaig Pine Forest.

If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out on their website. It’s seriously soothing and I have become ridiculously attached to Aila, Louis and those three little chicks. I’ve even been drawing along to it in my studio.


Education is a big theme in my life. I have a full-time day job working for an education charity and my partner is a teacher. It’s something I care about a lot and I could write blogs about for days. In my day job I have.

I started following the work of Babbasa after reading about them in Bristol 24/7 a few years back. Babbasa are a Bristol-based organisation working with our ethnically diverse inner-city communities to help young people start their dream careers. They provide programmes to empower young people in work, education and enterprise.

One of the things I love most about Bristol is the diversity of the people who live here and contribute to the creative spirit of the city.

I want to round things off by saying that while this is all about my first business donation to charity, I have no intention of it being my last. This is going to be a regular habit for Jem Loves to Draw in the future. I’m looking forward to reaching my next milestone of 200 sales, which I plan to celebrate with another donation to charity.

A massive thank you to all of you who helped me to reach my first 100 sales. Thank you for supporting my business and thank you for helping me to support these two fantastic charities.

All the warm and fuzzy feels x

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