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8 steps I’m taking to be kinder to the planet

Finding ways to be kinder to the planet is high up on my list of priorities. Especially as so much of my work is inspired by nature and the natural world. Whether it’s minimising waste in my business or changing my habits in daily life, I’m trying to find small steps that I can consistently take to minimise my environmental impact and protect the things that inspire me the most.

Because everyone loves a good list, here’s a rundown of 5 things I’m doing as a small business and 3 things I’m doing as a human to be kinder to the planet.

5 ways I’m making Jem Loves to Draw more eco-friendly

  1. All of my art prints are now packaged in biodegradable cello wraps, which can be composted or disposed of with food waste. The backing boards in my prints are made from 100% recycled card and can be recycled.
  2. Any cards I sell online are sold without packaging as Naked Cards. And for stockists where some protective packaging is needed, all of my new card designs are packaged in biodegradable cellos.
  3. Online orders are sent using recycled and recyclable board-backed envelopes or reused packaging materials from other deliveries.
  4. Any tape used on my packages or packaging is recycled paper tape or washi tape, both of which can be recycled with paper.
  5. Local orders are delivered by hand and often on foot, minimising delivery miles. Reducing delivery miles is also one of the reasons I only offer UK delivery in my Etsy shop.

3 things I’m doing to be a greener human

I’ve also included some links in here to particular brands and products. These aren’t affiliates ads or promotions, just my personal favourites.

  1. Eating less meat and dairy in favour of plant-based alternatives, which has included switching to oat milk and finding a new love for tofu. I particularly like Oatly (especially their barista edition) and The Tofoo Co blocks.
  2. Minimising waste in our bathroom by using shampoo bars, solid soap, refillable conditioner and washable make up remover pads. My personal favourite shampoo bars and conditioners are made by Wild Grove.
  3. Using greener cleaning products, as well as buying Bio-D washing up and laundry liquid from a local refil shop.

If you’ve got any questions about my environmental practices, including how to recycle any of the packaging on my products, please get in touch.

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[…] The clear wrapping on my prints and some of my cards are made of corn and potato starch. They’re biodegradable and can be disposed of in your compost or food waste recycling (or in normal rubbish heading to landfill where they will break down naturally). You can read more about my environmental practices in my blog post: 8 steps I’m taking to be kinder to the planet […]