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2020 goals

I had such high hopes of bouncing into 2020 full of beans and ready to go. But then the winter lurgy got me and I’ve spent most of the new year under a blanket with a head full of cold. The one thing it has given me is time off, which I’ve spent reflecting on 2019* and making plans for the year to come.

Now that I’ve jotted it all down in my journal, I thought I’d share the main points here so that you can see what I’ve got planned for the year to come.

*I also watched a lot of Indiana Jones and Harry Potter films, but that’s less relevant to this blog post.

Photo of my review of 2019 and plans for 2020 jotted down in my bullet journal, showing the journal on my desk with Gerald my houseplant just in shot.

What went well in 2019

2019 was the best year yet for Jem Loves to Draw. I set myself goals, met them and levelled up in ways that I didn’t expect. The things I am most proud of are:

  • Producing 12 new print designs – painting monthly helped keep me focused and gave me something tangible to talk about each month
  • Selling originals – I sold a good number of my original paintings at exhibitions throughout the year
  • Planning my social media content – creating a monthly marketing calendar helped me save time and took the stress out of writing posts
  • Sending monthly email newsletters – I learned to use Mailchimp and sent monthly newsletters promoting my new designs and upcoming events
  • Selling more on Etsy – I increased my number of listings, which resulted in more visits, orders and revenue compared to 2018
  • Creating a 2020 calendar of Awesome Animals – this product sold well online and at markets, plus it shows a body of work that I’m really proud of
  • Nailing a busy Christmas market season – it was tiring but so, SO worth it

My hopes for 2020

My main hope for 2020 is to keep up the momentum, so a lot of my goals are going to be similar to the ones I set in 2019. But I also want to push myself to experiment more with new techniques and new products. The monthly focus worked well in motivating me last year, so for each month in 2020 I want to:

  • Paint a new print design, which I can then use to create a 2021 calendar of Awesome Animals
  • Create a greetings card design, so that by the end of the year I have a full range of cards for all occassions
  • Send a monthly email newsletter and grow my mailing list
  • Write a blog post and develop my confidence in writing
  • Experiment with something new, whether that’s a new technique, learning a new skill or making a new product
  • Plan for the month ahead, using a calendar and journal to keep myself organised, motivated and on-track

Across the whole year I also plan to trade at more markets, expand my list of stockists and show my work in more exhibitions.

Now I’ve just got to do it!

If you want to see what I’m doing towards these goals, the easiest way to keep up with what I’m doing is to sign up to my monthly email newsletters.

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