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2019: a year in prints

This year I’ve set myself a challenge.

I feel like that statement needs some context. Traditionally I’m not very good at achieving the goals I set myself. This is probably because they’ve been totally unrealistic, but also because I’ve fallen into the trap of setting goals for things I feel I should do rather than things I actually want to do.

This year I’m being sensible and setting myself some challenges that are manageable and meaningful, both for my business and personally.

Last year I found that I painted in fits and starts. I’d produce loads of paintings one month and release them as a collection, but then go two or three months without producing anything new. This felt a bit chaotic and stressful at times, this year I’d like to have a more balanced and sustainable approach.

That’s why the main creative goal I’ve set myself is to paint one new design every month in 2019.

Each month’s design will be released as a limited edition fine art print. This also means that by the end of 2019 I’ll have enough new designs to produce a calendar for 2020. And now I’ve written it on the internet, I’ve got to stick to it.

A year in prints

Here’s a gallery of my 2019 designs, which I’ll add to throughout the year. You can also keep up with my progress over on my social media feeds, where I’ll be posting work-in-progress shots.

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