Hi, my name’s Jem and I love to draw.


I’m an artist, illustrator and designer based in my hometown of Bristol. My love of drawing and painting goes way back to early childhood; since then I’ve studied graphic design at college and illustration at university. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love every day, both in my day job and outside of that in my own artwork and freelance projects.

When I’m not working or painting you’ll usually find me climbing walls, rocks and mountains. My other passions include drinking tea, camping, Harry Potter, being under a blanket and eating cheese.

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Artwork and illustration

My day job in graphic design (and modern life in general) means I spend a lot of time at a computer, so as an artist I like to use more traditional techniques – mostly inks, watercolours and pen on paper. I love the change in pace that working in this way brings and the serendipity of putting ink and paint on to wet paper and seeing where it takes you. My process for any piece of artwork I create always starts with loads of sketches, either in my sketchbook or on random loose pieces of paper. I then carefully prepare the paper by soaking and stretching watercolour paper before transferring a faint pencil outline of my design. After that come numerous layers of India ink to build up tone, before adding colour using coloured inks and watercolours; the last stage is drawing on any fine details in pen.

My own artwork is hugely influenced by the natural world and often features animals, landscapes, oceans, galaxies and constellations. I’m inspired by nature documentaries, wildlife photography and my own adventures. There are also definite graphic design influences in my artwork; composition and white space are key features of my style.

My work has been featured in exhibitions across Bristol and I sell my designs as art prints, greetings cards, mugs and more. I sell my products at a range of independent Bristol stockists and via my Etsy shop; you can also find me at regular art markets and craft fairs in and around Bristol.

Alongside my own self-directed artwork, I have created bespoke artwork as private commissions as well as corporate illustration projects. Past projects have included pet portraits, Christmas card design, housewarming gifts and editorial illustrations.


In my day job I’m the design and creative manager for ASDAN, a Bristol-based education charity, to manage and produce designs for products (educational resources) and promotional materials. I’ve been working in graphic design for more than 10 years, so I’m a real whizz in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Outside of my day job, I take on freelance design projects for a range of clients. Past projects include branding and logo design, posters, flyers, brochures, wedding stationery, social media campaigns, large-scale vector illustrations and company stationery. My favourite projects to work on are branding and logo design briefs, particularly for small businesses, start-ups or sole traders, as I really enjoy working with someone to create a design and brand style that suits their business and reflects their personality.


I’m always open to new projects and collaborations, so if you’re interested in working with me please get in touch.